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Three key steps to maximize profit when selling your business

Creating a profitable company out of nothing is such an accomplishment. But as proud as you may be of their achievements as a business owner, sometimes the next step is to sell. Whether you want to sell because you want to focus on a new business opportunity or to retire and focus on your tan, the most critical next step is preparing for the sale.

How to prepare financially for retirement

Retirement planning is a fluid, multi-step process that evolves over time. It starts with thinking about your goals and how long you have to meet them. And it includes learning the key steps you should be taking to live a comfortable, secure, and enjoyable retirement....

How do you stay ahead of the ever changing financial technology environment?

Over the last few months, I’ve shared with you a lot of information about financial technology. Whether that information was entirely new for you or you’re up-to-date with the evolution of technology, there are ways to make sure you never miss out on a potential...
5 Tips to Achieve Positive Cash Flow and Build Reserve

5 Tips to Achieve Positive Cash Flow and Build Reserve

The pandemic created a ripple effect that spread across the globe and disrupted every part of our lives. For business owners, it’s created significant financial devastation, a heightened sense of uncertainty, and the ultimate motivation to survive and thrive. Business...

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Benefits of Outsourced CFOs

Benefits of Outsourced CFOs

Outsourcing has been around for decades. It began as a way for manufacturing companies to save on less-than-essential processes. It worked so well for them that more and more cost-conscious businesses started outsourcing their non-core business procedures.

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